Disaster Recovery

Planning for the Worst Allows You to Always Perform at Your Best

Every organization has faced a disaster at some point in their life.  Whether it’s a natural disaster such as a flood or fire, damaging critical infrastructure and creating visible destruction or a data breach, silently stealing valuable information over time, these situations are what we hope to avoid but expect to experience.  The question isn’t if a disaster will strike for your organization but simply how will you respond?

While it’s easy to understand that disasters are unfortunate events which can cause damage, we often don’t realize the full effects and lasting consequences when a disaster is experienced.  The following represent give critical statistics regarding Disaster Recovery which every business leader should understand:

  1. The average cost of IT downtime is $5,600 per minute.
  2. 93% of companies without a Disaster Recovery Plan are out of business after a data breach.
  3. 52% of data loss incidents are a result of human error.
  4. A single incident of ransomware spreading throughout an organization can cost an average of $100,000.
  5. 96% of businesses with Disaster Recovery can safely and fully recover from a disaster.


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