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It used to be that the word ‘cybersecurity’ was one we thought only took place in Sci-Fi movies where hackers would sit in a dark room and a hoodie trying to take down a government.  It wasn’t something that a business had to be concerned about ever, let alone every minute of every day for every site and every employee within the organization.  Today, that is certainly the reality.

No longer is it acceptable to just perform basic training and implement basic measures such as requiring a complex password.  The digital climate of the world today demands businesses work to exercise an acceptable level of due diligence by implementing a variety of methods including training, software, monitoring, prevention, awareness and auditing.  Additionally, many businesses are now required to conform to one or many global standards such as GDPR, TISAX, ISO and SOX just to name a few.  Without the proper knowledge, experience and vision, successfully passing one of these audits can be a daunting or impossible task.

"Cyber Crime is the greatest threat to every company in the world." -Ginni Rommety, CEO of IBM
Ginni Rommety
The Process


The initial phase of any cybersecurity strategy will involve a full assessment of the organization, practices, assets, risks, etc.  This process will be in-depth and develop a full-scale view of the total landscape.  This critical step will also work to produce formal outputs such as an inventory of assets, threats and vulnerabilities identification, gap analysis and other reports or documents.



A full implementation of any security program will encompass a number of months and will continue to evolve over time through continuous improvement.  While that is an important goal, immediate remediation of critical gaps in security must be dealt with.  Falah Consulting will work to identify these important issues, work to devise the necessary countermeasures and then implement them with the goal of incorporating these items into a long-term strategy.


Information Security Management System

Any organization interested in implemented in improving their security posture should focus on implementing an ISMS (Information Security Management System).  By introducing an ISMS, an organization can ensure that the technology and cybersecurity goals for the organization are linked to the overall goals of the enterprise set by management.  This long-term approach is built upon continuous improvement and is the most valuable approach to creating a safe and secure business.

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