Real-time Events and Monitoring Critical to Cybersecurity Success

A recent article from Forbes had some fantastic information regarding Cybersecurity, especially during this pandemic.  One key item which was brought up in the article was the need to have real-time information and to respond quickly as items are uncovered. Continue Reading

FBI Warns of Teleconferencing and Online Classroom Hijacking During Pandemic

The FBI recently issued a warning for all citizens, urging them to be extremely cautious as their online interactions change drastically due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  As we’re all aware, this novel coronavirus has significantly changed our world in many ways, especially in how we work and how our students learn. Continue Reading

The Benefits of Using a VPN Solution

Our world is evolving rapidly and how we utilize technology within that world is changing too.  More than ever, we have shifted to enabling a mobile workforce.  With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, employers are being forced to make the decision of either closing completely or allowing their workforce to participate in WFH (work from home).  While there are many basic hurdles to overcome such as procuring the necessary equipment and providing Help Desk support to assist users, many organizations are overlooking the most critical element of having a remote workforce: security. Continue Reading

Phishing Websites Surge 350% During Coronavirus Pandemic

A recent report created from Google Data reveals that cybercriminals are accelerating their attempts to prey on the public’s fear during this tragic situation.  The data reveals that over 300,000 new websites containing data about the current coronavirus contained malicious code meant to steal visitors’ data or infect their computers with devastating viruses. Continue Reading

COVID-19 Security Concerns

As difficult as responding to the concerns of COVID-19 are, businesses now also have to deal with the inevitable cybersecurity events which are unfortunately taking place. Cyber actors are utilizing a tragic situation, fear, panic and the need to act swiftly to prey on individuals in order to stealing money or gaining access to sensitive information. Continue Reading

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