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Who we are

Your Security, Our Priority

At Falah Consulting, our primary goal has been very simple: to protect all of our customers’ assets at all times.  Ensuring that your business ready with a strong posture toward cybersecurity is at our very core and we work diligently to protect the assets you value most.  

We have expanded our capabilities over time by helping our customers with other needs such as Managed IT Services and Disaster Recovery efforts as well.  Customizing our services to fit the precise needs of your business is a critical element in delivering a complete solution to our customers.  View our full solutions below:

Our Mission Statement

To protect the assets of our customers by providing superior cybersecurity services and enabling them to reduce risk, cost and complexity while increasing productivity, efficiency and capability.  Provide an exceptional work environment for our employees with a potential for growth and opportunity for advancement.

 How Can We Help?

Falah Consulting is ready to help with any cybersecurity or other IT project you may have.  We would love to hear about your initiatives with regard to cybersecurity or your efforts to implement new software to impact your organization.  Our team is happy to discuss your needs and work to create a plan to accomplish your goals.

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Metro Detroit

Assets Protected:

$550 million

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