The Benefits of Using a VPN Solution

Our world is evolving rapidly and how we utilize technology within that world is changing too.  More than ever, we have shifted to enabling a mobile workforce.  With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, employers are being forced to make the decision of either closing completely or allowing their workforce to participate in WFH (work from home).  While there are many basic hurdles to overcome such as procuring the necessary equipment and providing Help Desk support to assist users, many organizations are overlooking the most critical element of having a remote workforce: security.

The Missing Link: VPN

While companies can effectively control what takes place within their own network and on their own infrastructure, they are left helpless in many cases once these employees work from their own home.  While most businesses have basic elements such as anti-virus and security updates enabled, they often do not have an effective VPN solution in place to ensure that the data being transmitted in these situations is secure.

There are different kinds of VPNs available on the market. Most are used for streaming. But there are a few premium VPN services that offer security and privacy features to businesses. These VPN services have features that include encryption and protection from DDoS attacks, making them best for any online business.

Full Protection, No Matter Where

Your business might have teams or individuals that have to travel between countries in the interest of the company. Perhaps unsurprisingly, these people are often exposed to online threats that follow them everywhere. And since they’re away from the secure surroundings of their usual workspace, they are more in danger of getting attacked by a cybercriminal. A premium VPN service offers the right security in this case. It offers complete cybersecurity through security features such as end-to-end encryption. This ensures the security of any private data, even when the person is connected to an exposed or dangerous network.

WiFi Security Using VPN

Even though this logic seems counterintuitive, keeping a password on your Wi-Fi hotspot may not be completely secure. Even with WPA/WPA2 security, hackers can easily acquire access to any Wi-Fi hotspot and can easily intercept and monitor any online communications passing through it. Therefore, a premium VPN service should be used to bolster  Wi-Fi security, ensuring that all data passing through is encrypted and safe. A VPN also helps users from the vulnerabilities posed by public Wi-Fi hotspots. Even if a hotspot is being monitored and is said to be secure, a VPN service ensures the security of your communications through adequate encryption.

Get Started With VPN Today

If you aren’t using VPN for your business today, then now is certainly the right time to start.  The need to work remotely and interact from multiple mobile platforms is at a critical point and will only continue to increase in the future.  Using a VPN for your business is very simple once it has been fully configured.  Falah Consulting can assist with selecting the right VPN provider and ensuring proper setup and controls are put into place.  Contact us today to get the conversation started about helping your business to stay secure with VPN.

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